How to shoot the best family trip photos | 7 tips to improve your travel reportage

How to shoot the best family trip photos | 7 tips to improve your travel reportage

How to shoot the best family trip photos during travel and vacation with kids! | MOROCCO EDITION



You will pull out your DSLR later

Camel ride on the Beach – shot with iphone X

Yes, this actually is my first tip to shoot the best family trip photos during travel with kids! You are in vacation. If you are taking a family trip: family comes first!! You will stress everybody having your camera out at every moment! Phones nowadays shoot amazing pictures, and that will be more than enough to capture meaningful moments that you want to keep in your memories.

The argan forest near our house

Try not to over do that either, when there is something you think you want to frame take a fast shot. If possible always observing light and composition. The nice and juicy shots will come afterwords… here are my tips to take the best family trip photos to make a professional travel reportage:


Plan your shoots

Visiting the argan forest at sunset

Choose a specific moment of the day for taking pictures. It can be an excuse to go visit a special spot or just hang around on a beach without a specific goal other than taking some pictures and having fun.

Visiting the argan forest at sunset

Dawn and Sunset are usually great moments to get the best light, so if you know you want to visit a specific place, try to schedule to be there at the right time. If you have kids like mine that love to wakeup way to early in the morning (!!) dawn is great… otherwise sunset might be easier!


Make a shot list

Eassaouria’s city walls

Visiting a new place can be overwhelming, especially if very different from what we are used to. On a family travel or trip everything you see will probably look amazing. Trying to take a picture of everything is impossible. Therefore, before leaving, it is very useful to find information on special things to see or nice places to visit. Have in mind ahead of time the “shooting moments” you would like to achieve.

Essaouira’s city walls

I visited Morocco several times before and I knew it is full of amazing and colorful sights. I didn’t want to have the camera in my hand the hole time trying to shoot everything I saw. I knew what places the kids would love, therefore I made a list of them and went to shoot one a day.

Snack in the medina

This was my SHOT LIST:

  1. The Argan Forest at sunset
  2. The Beach at sunset
  3. Eassaouira’s medina
  4. Eassaouira’s city walls
  5. Some shots in our lovley @airbnb house

This is even how i divided my final reportage in my instagram stories, go check them out on my instagram account in the travel section.

Hanging out in our lovely airbnb in Ghazoua


Having fun is the most important thing

Playing on the beach in Essaouira

It’s important that taking pictures becomes a fun moment of family time. Don’t take your camera out immediately, take the time to settle and create meaningful experiences with your kids. For real emotional images playing games like “let’s run together“, “everyone hug dad” or “tickle battle” will help get amazing candid shots assuring fun time for everyone.

Playing on the beach in Essaouira

I want to create memories for my kids of spending time together having fun. I try not to stress them to much by asking them to pose for me. I do have to admit though i did pay them with ice cream and chocolate currency sometimes to have them do something i wanted! My big boy now bargains with me: “ok mom, i will hug you for a candy… but if you give me two i will even kiss you”….what a clever boy !


Frame real and natural moments

Playing on the beach in Essaouira

Sometimes it can be interesting to step back and just leave the kids be… during a trip they are curious about the environment and surrounded by many new and interesting things. Let them roam and explore, they will play and look around and find on their own interesting things for you to quietly shoot without them even noticing.


you are part of the family

You don’t want to look back at the pictures of your amazing family trip and think it looks like you were not even there! If you are the main photographer: set up your shot and camera settings and shoot a picture with no subject (or with someone else in the frame), then pass the camera and ask someone of your family to take the same shot with you in it! A tripod and a camera control app are a fun way to get all the family in the pictures.


the environment is part of the experience

If you are going to make a webgallery, instagram post or print a book (all things I recommend you do!) remember to shoot some details and have a bit of the panorama visible in your shots. This will help the full reportage look more professional and complete.

Let me know if this is useful! I hope you will have an amazing time taking the best family trip photos during your next travel.

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thanks for passing by!

with love, rebecca


Complimenti!!! Sono capitata per caso sul vostro sito e sono rimasta incantata dalla qualita delle vostre foto. L utilizzo della luce e le pose naturali rendono quasi l idea di essere in un sogno. Sono sicuramente foto che vi porterete nel cuore per tanti anni e che vi ricorderanno momenti bellissimi passati insieme alla famiglia. Ho trovato molto utili anche le “tips”, grazie ancora, continuero a seguirvi!!!

Grazie mille umberta! sono contenta che le foto ti piacciano e che le tips ti siano state utili! buon divertimento nel tuo prossimo viaggio!!

Che spettacolo! Consigli utili e foto stupende… Avrai dei bellissimi ricordi! Continuerò a seguirti, nostro figlio nascerà a Giugno!

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