MODERN VINTAGE | Dressing trendy with retro clothes

MODERN VINTAGE | Dressing trendy with retro clothes

Dressing Vintage with a modern look

Return to the origins of fashion: the charm of looking back.

Styling & Content: Chiara Farsaci
Photography & Art direction: Rebecca Rinaldi
Special guest: Caterina

Why should you choose to buy vintage?

Because it means owning a piece of fashion history. It allows you to have a unique and personal style with high-quality fabrics and finishes; because unfortunately today the quality is not the same as it was in the past. Inside a vintage shop, you can feel the charm of beautiful things crafted with attention to the choice of materials and care for details.

How can you dress vintage with a modern look?

Mix it up! Choose a retro piece of clothing but combine it with a modern sandal or sneaker. If the vintage piece is important, everything else must be casual and more contemporary: therefore no vintage hairstyle, handbags, and jewelry with the 30s dress. Yes to vintage accessories when the look is mainly modern.

What to choose to have a personal style?

Always be yourself, understand your style and stick to it. If a piece hits you it probably represents you. It is important to understand the things that add value to you. Always be updated on the fashion trends, be inspired but don’t overdo it if you don’t want to look impersonal.

What are the most important things

If you are just approaching this world surely start with the accessories: handbags, trunks, scarves, glasses, and hats: easy to add to give an extra touch to your usual outfit. More generally, anything that conquers your heart is worthy of being purchased and used.

What are the most desired brands in the vintage world?

The most requested and rare pieces: Hermes scarves and bags, Coro and Trifari earrings and, in general, all the 50’s jewelry. The great classics: bags and suitcases by Louis Vuitton or other big fashion brands.

Where to buy ?

Everywhere! If you see a vintage shop or market, you can’t miss it. Despite being it a small shop or very important vintage boutique: relax, get comfortable and start searching … Even in the apparently less interesting place, you can find a great deal. Just be curious, feed the desire to search and find …

the extra tip:

Always wear a bit of make-up (perhaps starting in the morning with a lighter shade of lipstick, replacing it in the evening with a stronger one), cure your manicure, groom your hair, and always wear something interesting that makes your look more original and personal.

For example:

Wear your usual outfit but combine it with a vintage coat or hat. If you are a sporty girl: it’s okay to go out in a sweatsuit but wear an original sneaker or a vintage bag.

Chiara Farsaci is a Personal Shopper & Image Consultant.

She lives and works in Liguria, Italy. where she manages her Vintage shop “Via della repubblica 50″.
websitei: .
IG: viadellarepubblica50

Rebecca Rinaldi is a Photographer & Designer.

She believes in emotions and in knowing how to appreciate the simple things of life.
IG: rebeccarinaldiphotography


Chiara: Jeans: Benetton – Shirt: Andrea morando – Shoes: Bsdb brio shoes deluxe brand – Sunglasses: Chanel – Backpack: Furla
(Vintage): Big bag: Louis Vuitton – Striped jacket: Marche’ Cristina Taroni – White jacket: Topshop – Beige sweater: Malo – Red sweater: Gentry Portofino – Hat: Maison Connie – Bijoux: Marina Fossati

Caterina: Sweater: Gufo – Jeans: Levi’s – Jacket: Oviesse

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