What’s in my Camera Bag: Lowepro Protactic 450AW | Wedding & Travel edition

What’s in my Camera Bag: Lowepro Protactic 450AW | Wedding & Travel edition

What’s in my Camera Bag: Lowepro Protactic 450AW | What i use to shoot weddings or for travel.

(Camera bag for weddings, Travel camera bag)



This is the Equipment i bring along in my Lowepro Protactic 450AW when i shoot weddings:

1- Canon 6D with sigma Art 50mm 1.4 lens.  2- Canon 6D with Canon 100mm Macro 2.8 (which i use for detalis during getting ready and close up portraits).  3- Sony  Î±7 III (which i added in photoshop because i used it to take the shot).  4- Nissin i60A flash for Sony.  5- Cleaning kit. 6- Nice little round pouch that has no real use but i bring with me because it’s so cute (i guess it would be useful for things i keep in the 2 very small pockets on the outside of the bag such as: flash batteries, change, chewing gum, chapstick).  7- Extra batteries  8- Canon Charger (even if i always have 4 to 5 extra batteries and never used more than 2, but you neve know!) . 9- Sony charger.  10– Camera straps “Barber Shop”  11- Travel tripod to use for long exposures during venue . 12- Small pouch for SD cards and extra battery to keep handy on my neck. 13- Hand held led light for night illumination (useful even when working with videographer because flash might be disturbing).


How i arrange all this stuff:

I keep my Canon 6D Camera on top for easy access from the hard top opening and the Sony on the bottom  side for fast access from lateral pocket. I will keep the third camera on top of the Main 6D and eventually leave it in the car if not necessary (i prefer to work with 2 cameras but always bring a third one for backup, especially if i’m on my own and not with a second photographer).

I personally don’t use much the other side quick access pocket on the bottom because it feels very unnatural to me to flip the bag on that side.

If you are wondering the red little things on the top (not listed) are: a mosquito stick and a travel toothbrush. I usually stick an extra shirt in the laptop pocket for chilly nights.


 Lowepro Protactic 450AW


The bag is a  Lowepro Protactic 450AW camera bag, to which I added 2 shoe laces on the bottom to make myself more visible, to not confuse my bag with other peoples when grabbing it fast and because i think it looks really nice and gives it a personal touch!!


It is quite a big bag!

Whats_in_my_CameraBag-lowepro-protactic-450aw-photographers-wedding-camerabagI actually never realized how big it was on me before taking these pictures! (I’m 173 cm/5,70 ft. high X 60kg/ 132,30 pd. )

It looks and really is very sturdy and rugged (i honestly can’t say i treat it well!). It protects your gear very well but it does get quite heavy; mainly because it fits so much stuff, but even when completely empty it’s not the lightest.

I usually have it full loaded when moving by car and keep my cameras on me with the straps for the hole wedding; i drop it in a corner as soon as i can. When moving in the middle of people (especially after ceremony) it is a little bulky but it is actually useful to let people know you are there and helps in the “it-would-be-really-kind-of-you-to-move-out-of-the-way-and-stop-trying-to-do-my-job-with-an-iphone”  kind of situations!

Whats_in_my_CameraBag-lowepro-protactic-450aw-photographers-wedding-camerabagI do not use it on a daily base, when i don’t need all that gear, but it is a great choice for weddings, or for travel (maybe half packed with gear and half with personal items). A bigger person might not have any issues using it as an every-day bag.

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